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A fully integrated international betting technology company is providing an innovative, world-class betting platform for both B2B leisure gaming operators and B2C sports betting. Elys' "Project EBLON" has created the first Five-Dimensional “5D” iGaming ecosystem that integrates the five key functional areas:

  1. Customer Acquisition

  2. Cybersecurity, KYC, AML, and multifunctional payment convenience

  3. Trading, risk management, and compliance

  4. Advanced market events and odds

  5. Customer service

Elys provides the most complete and easy-to-use software made by bookmakers for bookmakers, with all your sportsbook needs under one platform.

A modern platform, with cutting-edge cybersecurity, safe and easy to use for you and your operations teams. Elys' full-featured, intuitive software lets you get the best lines and stay on top of the game before the action can beat you!

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